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Articles March 6, 2024

2023 Impact Report: CapTech Cares and Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging


Executive Summary

Grouped by our Focus Areas, you’ll see how we turned 2023 into a year of increased food donations, greater housing security support, broader sustainability initiatives, and deeper employee appreciation.

What is the impact report?

Each year, we create new objectives to drive continued progress for our combined efforts for CapTech Cares and Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB). This includes four CapTech Cares program pillars: Governance, People, Environment, and Communities, which are fulfilled by launching initiatives across our five Program Focus Areas. Our annual Impact Report looks back at the initiatives accomplished during the previous year.

See below for a few highlights from last year and click the link to read the full report.

Download the 2023 Impact Report

Our CapTech Cares Areas of Impact

From individual CapTechers finding ways to make a difference through volunteering their funds, time, and services, to our company-wide efforts organized under the CapTech Cares program, our philanthropic and responsibility efforts reach every corner of our organization. These efforts focus on the following impact areas:

Empowering Youth

Investing time and resources to create opportunities for youth to learn, grow, and build confidence to become future leaders

Increasing Housing Security

Supporting efforts that provide people with a secure and safe place to live and thrive

Increasing Food Security

Helping combat food insecurity in the communities where we live and work

Making Technology Accessible and Available

Ensuring equal access to technologies, education, and opportunities in technology

Responsible Business Practices

Fostering a diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace that delivers on sustainability and impact area goals making a difference in our communities

Our DIB Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are employee identity or experience-based groups that help employees within an organization build community and share a common cause. At CapTech, we strive to build a culture of belonging through our ERGs by focusing on the following areas:


Foster a culture of belonging by connecting with people who share a common identity or background


Foster employee growth by identifying professional development opportunities


Raise awareness on ERG specific initiatives and provide access to leadership and serve as a resource for leadership


Bolster recruiting by leveraging personal and professional connections to attract qualified diverse candidates

We are honored by our CapTechers’ generosity and commitment to our CapTech Cares and DIB programs. We know this report doesn’t capture everything, as our Core Values are demonstrated every single day. Together we are making a difference at work, with our clients, and creating a better future in our communities.

To read our full 2023 Impact Report, download the PDF below.

Download the 2023 Impact Report