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Articles July 25, 2016

Agile and Big Data: Sprinting to Business Insight

Ben Harden

Few large businesses today can afford to build and deliver data products using traditional waterfall methodologies.

Businesses, and the data they rely on for decision-making, are moving too quickly. Agile, on the other hand, is enabling teams to build small slices of functionality that deliver business value each and every sprint. Similarly, the big data environment enhances efficiency by removing traditional data modeling constraints. For example, the use of open source technologies, common in the big data environment, removes software licensing constraints. This powerful combination of agile with big data tools enables agile teams that are small, co-located, and cross-functional to deliver business value quickly with each sprint, helping businesses improve decision-making, innovate, and compete more effectively.

Click here to download the full white paper, “Agile and Big Data: Sprinting to Business Insight”.