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Blog December 18, 2023

The Boomerang Hire


Bringing Alumni Talent Back to CapTech

Bringing experienced hires back to CapTech, a practice we call Boomerang Hires has proven to be a successful venture. For CapTech, the fit feels natural. An alumni hire knows the world of technology consulting and, just as importantly, knows the people and culture of CapTech. For the individual coming back, they’re returning to a place they understand and trust, and rediscovering what they might have been missing in the market.

Recent Boomerang hire, Ward Wood, Sr. Manager in Systems Integration, shared that there were three main catalysts for his return: the people, the tech solutions in consulting, and the potential for career growth. “Both peers and leaders are people that I love working with and for, and they’re very passionate about helping each other. The leaders care about the people of CapTech and want to see them succeed. And I trust their judgment and trust them to move our company forward together,” said Wood.

After spending six years out of college at CapTech, Wood left to gain a different type of experience with a small start-up where he could take ownership of sales and marketing technology, utilize the skills he’d learned at CapTech, and obtain new ones. After a couple of years in that role, Wood wanted to get back to consulting where he could solve tech challenges for Fortune 500 clients and get to a place where he knew he could own the path of his career. “I think you are in control of your career trajectory here. If you want to move your career forward, you can set goals and achieve them because the people, coaches, and mentors will help you get there,” said Wood.

At CapTech, we see the return of top talent as a huge compliment to the culture we’ve built here. Returning talent is familiar with our practices and values, and the challenging and rewarding work they can experience at CapTech. For all these reasons, CapTech ensures we’re keeping our incredible alumni workforce in mind. Regular outreach through an alumni-specific newsletter, as well as relationship development and recruiting efforts are some of the ways we keep the alumni network accessible.