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Blog January 29, 2024

​The Value of Video Marketing for Your Brand and Digital Experiences

Philip Caoile
Philip Caoile

Today’s tech age has made it easy for users to pick up their phones and conduct a quick Internet Google search to find an answer. Long gone are the days when dinner trivia with friends required a next-day follow-up. For example, someone can identify the comedian in the latest Old Spice commercial — and quickly validate with their mobile device.

​Technological advances have also given users another means to consume media. In fact, there has been an uptick in video viewership, with no signs of it declining. According to Statista, over three billion users were watching videos in 2020, with a projected increase to 3.5 billion in 2023. Many companies leverage this data to generate brand awareness and drive website traffic. In a recent HubSpot article, 91% of businesses use video marketing (via social media), with 92% stating they have seen a positive ROI.

​While favorable ROI is always a compelling reason to take action, videos serve a variety of practical purposes, too. From engaging customers to acknowledging milestones, the medium offers many benefits.

Why You Should Consider Video Marketing:

  • ​Promote a product, solution, or similar: Peloton does a fantastic job marketing its products through its YouTube channel. Viewers can see the craft and ingenuity behind Peloton’s equipment and its benefits. “If I work out diligently, I will see results and feel healthy. I will then tell my friends and family to use Peloton.” Boom. Free advertising that yields dividends.
  • ​Provide an empathetic connection: Remember those SPCA TV commercials with Sarah McLachlan and how those have emotionally pulled viewers? Or the Dove Real Beauty campaign that challenged traditional beauty standards? In these contexts, videos can be the vehicle to take action or raise awareness.
  • ​Set expectations with customers: Many popular games in Apple’s App Store have a video component on their profile page for users to see the gameplay and graphics. CapTech’s VISTAR and PinPoint Challenge™ web pages have supplementary videos showing what users can expect when interacting with these apps. Let them get it before they get it.
  • ​Keep content flexible: Videos can adapt based on where it is shared. A feature-length video can be spliced into shorts for social media to drive users to visit a webpage or YouTube page where it can be enjoyed. The increase in traffic and impressions on all channels is a win-win situation.
  • ​To celebrate your people: Whether it’s internal or external facing, videos that celebrate a company’s organization or product launch are morale boosters. When CapTech launched their updated brand and new vision, they created their first-ever TV commercial to help promote it. We decided to use our own people and film it in Charlotte for one day. A tour de force to put it succinctly. It was great to see so many colleagues band together for this effort and be excited to see themselves on screen. Not only did it rouse a sense of goodwill, but it also celebrated CapTech’s new vision and trajectory. The nearly one million impressions were the icing on the cake.

​Before You Grab Your Camera

​Define your North Star — consider what message you’re trying to convey and the target audience, and then how much you’re willing to invest. Chances are there are ways to maximize output while minimizing effort when it comes to video production. Then keep the North Star in mind to ensure you are setting your organization up for success to hit — or supersede — that nearly one million impressions.

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