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Powering Next-Generation Technology

The energy landscape is shifting. From the need for smart grid planning to harnessing advanced technology, CapTech collaborates with our clients to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging innovative solutions and planning tools designed to optimize operations and increase efficiencies. 

Together, we can create a modern, resilient infrastructure to power our world.

Planning for a More Resilient Future

Grid & Advanced Distribution Planning

A digital grid allows electric utilities to optimize investment decisions and more accurately forecast future load on the grid. The growing prevalence of distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, new customer expectations, carbon reduction goals, and extreme weather have all contributed to making grid modernization more critical than ever. CapTech’s Energy and Utilities team has experience developing digital grid simulations that can provide a 10-year forecast, building modeling for power flow simulations and identifying violations to provide optimized investment insights for grid planners.

Undergrounding Solutions

Undergrounding is a priority for many electric utilities; however, execution can be complex and costly due to the need to navigate disparate data systems, multiple vendors, and customer concerns. Additionally, many existing work management systems are cumbersome and inefficient at managing these programs. The systems developed by CapTech establish a single source of data, leading to greater efficiencies and a reduction in construction costs.

VISTAR™ – An Augmented Reality (AR) Tool

To address customer concerns and streamline the undergrounding process, CapTech developed Vistar, a first-of-its-kind application that allows customers and field workers to visualize the placement of undergrounding equipment. The app is currently in use at several top electric utilities where it has significantly increased customer satisfaction and led to higher undergrounding adoption.

Fleet Mapping

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be expensive and time consuming and is often done through a manual, paper-based process. If warranties and repairs are not tracked accurately, companies risk losing reimbursements for covered expenses from vehicle manufacturers. CapTech developed a web-based app that consolidates all vehicle data into one place and includes iPads for mechanics’ garages to enable real-time updates and repair tracking. This has also helped utilities recoup money for repairs and keep vehicle information up to date.

Rural Broadband

Extending broadband internet coverage to underserved areas is an important but challenging undertaking for internet service providers. By leveraging electric utility digital grid projects, internet service providers are able to build the “middle mile” of broadband infrastructure. CapTech’s web-based tracking and reporting tools allow for efficient project management and allow workers in the field the ability to access the system and make updates without needing the security clearance required to access on-premises systems. Our comprehensive, strategic technology application manages project from initiation to fiber cable installation.

Asset Management

Modernizing and managing asset management has become a priority for many energy companies. Existing control systems can be dated and manual, and often lack a clear source of truth and capacity for predictive analytics on repairs and maintenance. CapTech has experience developing tailored, holistic solutions, including one around voltage optimization and project tracking developed for an electric utility that leverages web-based application technology to provide tracking data, predictive modeling, and comprehensive dashboards while maintaining an accurate, real-time work management system.

The Energy Landscape is Changing

Client Success Spotlight

CapTech recently collaborated with a Fortune 500 electric utility in the development of tools and associated business process changes to automate grid analysis and solution generation. 

This program involved generating a long-term, hourly forecast of kilowatt usage by both circuit and meter, programmatically identifying violations on those circuits through automated powerflow simulations, and using data science to find optimal solutions to solve those violations using a variety of different solutioning methods.


  • Transitioning these tools into the cloud will result in increased efficiency and enhancements that allow for more flexibility, security, and cost-savings.
  • When implemented, the new processes will allow for greater coverage of more impactful circuit reviews during each cycle.

Introducing VISTAR™

A first-of-its-kind application that allows customers and field workers to visualize the placement of undergrounding equipment. VISTAR eliminates the guesswork that typically comes with placing equipment like transformers, meters, EV charging stations, solar panels, and more — and ensures the job is done right the first time, giving your customers complete peace of mind. The app is also customizable, allowing you to integrate your brand within the platform, ultimately building valuable trust with each and every customer.

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Kelsey Haviland

Kelsey Haviland

Director, Emerging Products

Kelsey is an account executive overseeing solution delivery for multiple top electric utilities. Additionally, Kelsey leads CapTech’s go-to-market product strategy for emerging technologies.

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Cristen English

Senior Manager

Cristen has more than 15 years of experience leading project teams and providing strategic solutions for a variety of industries. In recent years, Cristen has focused and managed teams in the energy and utilities industry. Her skills in cross-business solutions and innovative implementation have helped to further business goals and streamline work management systems for a leading utility in Virginia.