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News September 27, 2015

Big Data Saves $100,000 of Tax Payer Money While Improving Quality of Care for Patients


RICHMOND, VA – On September 9, 2015, the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services (DBHDS) was awarded the 2015 Governor's Technology Award for Innovative Use of Big Data and Analytics for the OneSource project, a data warehouse and governance program. The award was presented at the 2015 Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium (COVITS) by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson. By consolidating department data and streamlining and automating reporting, the OneSource project improves the quality of care and treatment for Virginia's children and adults who have or who are at risk of mental illness, substance-use disorders or developmental disabilities while saving the department significant time and tax payer dollars.

DBHDS faced challenges that were directly impacting its ability to run report needed to secure funding, interact with external agencies and provide quality management measures including data quality concerns in over 20 disparate data systems. By establishing OneSource, the data warehouse and self-service business intelligence solution, the DBHDS gained reliable and sustainable processes to create, manage, and leverage information across its entire scope of strategic and operational domains. The OneSource project improved the quality, accuracy and speed of analytics used to navigate business operations.

CapTech, a national IT management consulting firm headquartered in Richmond, VA, partnered with DBHDS to develop a data warehouse and governance system that brought together information across many systems and domains in a structured and analytical manager that made cross functional reporting possible. Users are now able to effortlessly trace patients across all touch points and view treatments and services received regardless of where the information was entered. The result saves an average of 80 man-hours weekly and over $100,000 annually. The timely and accurate analysis and reporting has improved DBHDS's ability to serve patients while the training and tools have empowered staff and managers to access the information they need to do their jobs.

"The OneSource data project is another way in which DBHDS is ensuring that Virginia's behavioral health and developmental services systems are effective, up-to-date, efficient, and fiscally sound. Not only is OneSource saving taxpayer dollars and staff time, but it is also providing the Commonwealth with a permanent resource to better serve every individual with reliable and consistent data," said Dr. Debra Ferguson, DBHDS Commissioner.

COVTIS is an annual gathering of Virginia's government information technology leaders to look at the future of government IT solutions. Cutting edge technology and innovations are showcased and awards recognize public sector IT projects that improve government service delivery and efficiency. Big Data allows companies to capture and stream massive amounts of information and real world visualizations in one place. CapTech was able to provide consulting, systems architecture, data integration, quality, governance and systems security to help DBHDS manage their information.


Adam Hofheimer, Managing Director