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News February 15, 2017

CapTech Featured in BuiltIn Colorado Article on Colorado Tech Companies

CapTechers working in Delivery Center

Developers and engineers are often stereotyped as grumpy people who just want to be left alone with their headphones to write lines of code. While people like that certainly exist, it's often not the case – especially as more startups adopt methodologies designed to get people talking and working together to solve difficult challenges.

[BuiltIn Colorado] caught up with five Colorado tech companies that have embraced collaboration among their engineering teams to learn more about what makes for a collaborative culture and how their dev teams are busting the loner stereotype.


CapTech is a national consulting firm with 11 locations, most often working with Fortune 500 companies. Jason Ruth is a principal at CapTech who manages their technology solutions practice.

How does your company culture affect your collaborative nature?

Our culture is primarily based on collaboration and partnership. Many of our clients have been around for the full 20 years we have. We truly define that as a partnership and point that back to our ability to listen, communicate and collaborate.

How do you collaborate when planning?

From the first time a client contacts us, we always kick things off with working sessions with our clients. We'll hold whiteboarding sessions where we try to truly understand the pain points and the problems the client is experiencing.

What about once you're ironing out your process?

As we enter into an engagement with the client, we set up an Agile process from the start. It's custom to the culture of the client. We don't try to force too many of our established processes on them. We adapt our strategy and cadence to our clients, but almost all of our clients are Agile.

Once a project's ready to implement, where does collaboration occur?

When clients are contacting CapTech, it's generally to provide a technical expertise or a critical mass of resources they don't have. Our clients' dev teams work alongside CapTech teams to prepare for sustainability once the project is over.

How does your dev culture shape your collaborative efforts? What about company culture?

Engineering being a major part of our services, we really focus on personnel development. Collaboration and communication is required. We try to live out what we've learned about what works on the client side internally. We identify gaps, and, as a team, design solutions and processes for the effective delivery of training and development.

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Source: BuiltIn Colorado, Why these 5 Colorado tech companies developed a collaborative engineering culture, February 10, 2017, Jess Ryan,