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News October 16, 2018

CapTecher Showcase: A Jewel of an Entrepreneur


On any given day, one of the first things you notice about CapTech Designer, Kim Denham Jones, is the assortment of boho earrings, necklaces, and rings she wears. Soon, though, Kim won't be the only one wearing the distinctive pieces she makes or finds.

"It started as a hobby, maybe 10 or 15 years ago," Kim says. "I used to make earrings using beads and wire, but it wasn't until I took a class that I got into metalsmithing. It's something I didn't think I was capable of until I tried it. And then it was, 'Oh my God, I absolutely love this'."

Kim spent 2 years honing her craft and expanding her jewelry collection by uncovering artisan talent around the world. Eventually, she decided it was time to turn her hobby into a business, and Anther was born. The online store sells bracelets, earrings and necklaces that Kim sources on her travels, along with a few of her own handmade pieces.

An anther is the part of a flower responsible for pollination – without it the flower never forms seeds to scatter and recreate more beauty. Kim saw it as a metaphor for her work. "After meeting these incredibly talented artists I realized that the pieces they were creating stopped right where they were created," she says. "I decided I would find a way to be the 'anther' for their work and spread their beauty across the world."

On the Anther website, a story accompanies every artist and every product. "I've been talking to all of our vendors and capturing a little bit about where the piece came from, and how they source their materials," Kim says.

Why do these stories matter? "It's answering the question: Who made what I'm wearing? I'm a huge believer now in making sure that I'm supporting a cause," Kim explains. "Whether it's alleviating human trafficking by providing a job for women who have been victimized, or simply providing families a living wage."

Anther plans its formal launch this October, and Kim seems almost surprised that her dream is becoming reality. "I joked around 10 years ago about doing my own jewelry line when I was making earrings, but now I'm actually doing it," she laughs. Kim looks forward to spreading the confidence she gets from wearing a great piece. "Confidence is a pretty incredible thing when it comes to a statement piece of jewelry," she says. "For some people that's something bold, for others it's something more dainty. But no matter your style, a perfect piece is a constant reminder of the power of believing in yourself. That's what this business is all about – empowering people."

You can visit Anther online here.