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News July 2, 2018

CapTecher Showcase: Jim Lambert


For today's CapTecher Showcase we're highlighting agile author and CapTech Director Jim Lambert. Jim works and lives in Denver and joined CapTech two years ago – bringing along his 20+ years of experience with technology. Since then, he has been involved in a variety of high profile Agile transformation projects for CapTech and recently published his first book Holistic Agility: Rediscovering the Power and Meaning of Agile.

Mr. Lambert studied Accounting and Information Systems at Colorado State with the full intention of moving straight into the CPA world, but things didn't go quite as planned, when he found a new path just before sitting for his certification exam. Development and technology. After an encounter with code, he fell in love and instead embarked on a career as a developer and consultant, eventually co-founding a technology startup called Vroom Technologies.

While working on his last project at CapTech, Jim began developing an Agile blog series aimed at executives. However, as the project progressed, he quickly realized the potential this content had beyond just blogs and leadership. That's how it grew into the Holistic Agility book we know today. By expanding the scope to all stakeholders who come into contact with Agile methodologies, Holistic Agility covers topics from team level coaching and frameworks all the way to enterprise level transformations. Whether you're a team of five or an entire SAFe organization, there is something in the book that covers your agile experience.

When asked what inspired him to write Holistic Agility, Jim said, "Many companies are struggling with Agile. They have lost sight of how the teams at the center of an Agile transformation are only the first drop in the lake. That first drop will create a ripple effect that must be allowed to progress throughout the entire organization in order to unleash the power that Agile promises and to achieve top performance. Holistic Agility provides a perspective on how to create a healthy and whole organization that is unified and adaptive to change. It aligns the inner workings of the organization in a way that enables them to create harmonious and symbiotic relationships with each other and their customers - relationships that work to the benefit of everyone involved."

CapTech Director and Agile Coach Elisabeth White says of the book, "The Agile community has been starved for content like this! The book can be read cover-to-cover or 'choose your own adventure' style by focusing on the section(s) relevant to specific problems or solutions. Jim Lambert has developed an easy to digest, rich in content, go-to book that provides a baseline understanding of Agile (in many of its forms) that's applicable throughout any Agile journey or organization."

When he's not writing books or serving clients, Jim loves spending time with his family, reading and playing baseball. Pick up a copy of Holistic Agility: Rediscovering the Power and Meaning of Agile on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks or Google books today.