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Making the Cloud Work for You

The cloud can be more than just storage in the sky. At CapTech, we help businesses unlock the true power of the cloud to fuel innovation and drive transformation. Harness the next generation of cloud computing and unleash your business’s full potential. 

With decades of experience in the Microsoft .NET and Azure ecosystems, our team of cloud experts will meet you wherever you are on the cloud maturity curve and craft a roadmap for success. We understand that every cloud journey is unique. That’s why we work collaboratively to fully optimize your cloud strategy, ensuring it becomes the foundation for a thriving digital future.


Migration and Modernization

CapTech works closely with our clients to assess current state, define the appropriate cloud adoption roadmap, and identify the right cloud services and technologies tailored to their specific needs. We facilitate transitions from existing data centers to public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.

Big Data and Analytics

CapTech's data engineers design scalable data ingestion, storage, transformation, and processing environments to handle large volumes of data efficiently and dynamically, adjusting resources as needed to optimize costs. By selecting the right services, our team can ensure data security and compliance while providing actionable insights from big data.


CapTech has experience implementing no-code/low-code solutions with the Power Platform, allowing organizations to swiftly move from idea to application with minimal coding. Adopting a low-code approach reduces development costs by enabling the creation of more apps in less time while generating scalable, easy-to-maintain solutions.

Cost Optimization

Utilizing our cloud adoption experience and trusted architecture frameworks, CapTech helps our clients evaluate their spend on cloud services to illuminate opportunities for savings while maintaining efficient operations. With a thorough analysis in hand, we can craft a roadmap to remediate cost overruns and right-size your cloud bills.

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Our Azure Expertise Across Industries

As a long-time Microsoft Partner, CapTech's Microsoft Azure experts are dedicated to helping businesses leverage the potential of cloud services to drive growth and innovation. We offer customized solutions, strategic advice, and ongoing support to help our clients migrate, manage, and scale their applications and data in the cloud.

Client Success Spotlight

A Fortune 500 vehicle retailer needed a web solution that met their needs for scalability and increased demand from internal content management and enterprise services. The solution would allow them to move at a faster pace than their on-premises services allowed. CapTech was brought in to support this effort, creating a solution that used Microsoft Azure and microservices to support increased site traffic from new digital marketing initiatives. By moving to a service architecture, the company can be proactive in meeting site demand as well as product team and DevOps requirements. The new solution also allows the car retailer to adapt more quickly to changes and deploy features independently, helping them maintain a more competitive place in the market.


  • Increased releases to production by 10x in the first fiscal year. 
  • Reduced demand and time on DevOps through orchestrated deployments to environments and quality assurance stages. 
  • Allowed product teams to deploy features independent of one another, increasing speed to production and the quality of the release.

      Larry Stamm

      Managing Director, Partnerships

      Larry oversees the development of strategic enterprise partnerships at CapTech. He plays a crucial role in accelerating customer adoption of our partner's services and delivering transformative solutions to CapTech’s clients. His past experience accelerating customer adoption of AI/ML services gives Larry key insights into developing AI/ML solutions on CapTech’s partners’ platforms.

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      Michael Diiorio

      Michael Diiorio


      Mike has extensive consulting and software engineering experience and is our resident CapTech cloud SME. His primary area of expertise is designing and developing web, mobile, and enterprise integration solutions based on the Microsoft technology stack. He also routinely provides architectural guidance for enterprise integration solutions with a special emphasis on Web APIs and the Microsoft Azure platform.

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      Kuldip Acharya

      Sr. Manager

      Kuldip specializes in software engineering, data analytics and providing IT services to optimize operational efficiencies for our clients. Kuldip has extensive experience building innovative products, web and mobile applications, analytical models, and business intelligence tools to solve businesses challenges and help organizations innovate.

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