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Golf Program

Our golf program emphasizes the value of technology and purposeful opportunities to support local communities.

About July 19, 2021


We strive to understand and enhance what diversity means for our employees, our clients, and the success of CapTech.

About November 08, 2018

A Modern Approach to Grid Planning

Grid modernization is essential for electric utilities to power our future reliably and efficiently. As electric utilities progress along the path of modernizing platforms and infrastructure, there are numerous objectives they must address, including meeting net-zero emissions targets, maintaining affordability for their customer base, increasing hardening and resiliency, and more generally, adapting to the changing landscape of our energy industry.

Articles January 27, 2023

Accelerating Efficiencies and Increasing Speed to Undergrounding Construction

Utility customers expect lights to come on at the flip of a switch. However, utility companies can sometimes fail to deliver, particularly those with power lines above ground or those facing major weather events. Reliability is at the core of a utilities business when it comes to meeting even the most basic customer expectations.

Blogs January 27, 2023

Chatbots in 2023: Moving from Novelty to Necessity

Our latest Consumer Survey showed interest in chat rising in a way that presents a significant opportunity for companies. Far from being a novel technology, chat has begun to find mainstream consumer interest.

Articles January 20, 2023

Bridging the Digital Divide

In its 2020 Broadband Development Report, the FCC pointed out the fact that an astonishing 18 million Americans still have no access to broadband internet. That means millions of Americans are unable to quickly and easily access information, make online purchases, connect with distant friends and family, work from home, engage in distance learning, take advantage of telehealth, and enjoy a host of benefits that many of us simply take for granted.

Articles February 11, 2022

Kickstarting Advanced Analytics

Are you getting value from the data that you have? Listen in as Vinnie chats with Andrew Novokhatny about moving from traditional to advanced analytics. Andrew is a data and analytics expert and healthcare analytics professor at UNC Chapel Hill.

Expertise January 18, 2023

The Latest in Actionable Data

In this episode, CapTech Technical Director, Cameron Snapp joins Vinnie to dig deeper into data transformation, the importance of data-sharing, and what’s new in the landscape.

Expertise October 12, 2022


Uniting diverse skills and perspectives to discuss how emerging technology, design and project methodology advances what’s possible.

Expertise April 16, 2020

Risk & Compliance

We provide data analysis, operational guidance, and technical solutions that help companies manage the complexity and soaring costs of compliance that financial, healthcare, and other industries face.

Expertise December 05, 2018


We help organizations realize their true power within to inspire their people, generate impactful innovation, and create lasting outcomes.

Expertise January 16, 2020