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Blog February 13, 2018

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the Future

Vinnie Schoenfelder

A glimpse into proof-of-concept smart assistant solutions across industries to improve customer engagement and brand loyalty

The popularity of smart speakers and smart assistants is increasing, but companies are still determining if and how NLP should fit into their customer experience strategy. While programming an Amazon Alexa Skill for a simple query is relatively simple, the challenge comes with delivering value and an engaging user experience. Customers and employees will not adopt a Skill if there are usability frustrations or it does not meet them where they want to be to make their lives easier.

The potential for NLP for to improve customer experience and business processes is endless, but organizations must develop robust solutions merging user experience, conversational context, machine learning, and middle tier services to create seamless and enjoyable experiences.

Another consideration is speed to market. In the case of IoT and voice enabled platforms, organizations would do well to be first to market and really own this space. Taking the back seat of being second or third to market opens the door for disruption.

We have been working across industries developing solutions and proof of concept Skills, that both deliver value for customers and enterprise, that leverage systems integration, integrated data science, trailing context, and machine learning to delight users and build engagement as part of a larger omni-channel customer experience.

The NLP for the Future comic series provides a glimpse into the possibilities for enterprise predictive analytics, retail, hospitality, energy and utilities, and financial services.

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